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New release from Emmanuel Kelly available now from itunes and other major online music stores. A percentage of all sales goes to Super Green Camp.

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‘Let Love Find You’ available now!

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Single available now on itunes: itunes – Song for Edis

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Emmanuel Kelly Official was live. ...

I'm back home,
Mum forced ME TO WAKE UP EARLY THIS MORNING INSTEAD OF SLEEPING to go 2 a talk with her... Not only was she inspiring but An Incredible statement was made to me by a 10 year old find....
Little girl says "Emmanuel....


CANT WAIT 2 headline 2night at the #Believeinlove concert
In Upstate NYC in support to Love Button Global Movement
It's even captured the eye of a supper star artists we all know who is a key #Lovebutton ambassador... Watch his video he sent in support 4 2night
#loveyourself #chrismartin Coldplay Chris Martin

SO EXCITED TO MEET WITH THE UN GENRAL'S CHIEF Advisers and marketing team..... Emma Watson WOW
plus going 2 Ithaca Upstate NY tomorrow 2 headline at a concert held 2 raise money for Love Button Global Movement Chris Martin Coldplay #lovebuttonglobalmovement #emmanuelkellyofficial

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